Find peace, relaxation, enhanced meditation and the well being of nature's natural energy inside your home. Energize yourself, plants, animals, water, food and supplements with the power of Orgone Prana Chi Generators by Orgonite inventor Karl Welz.

The JU99 CE, our most common Orgone Prana Chi Generator, pulsates Life Force Chi Energy at 7.83 Hz, which is Earth's natural frequency also called the "Schumann's Resonance".

Unlike the Orgonite Accumulator pieces you now find everywhere on the internet, Orgone Prana Chi Generators are designed to pulsate Prana Chi Orgon (also called Life Force Energy) at a specific frequency instead of accumulating it. They are made of a new and more powerful material called Super Orgonite. Orgone Generators are more powerful than any Orgonite Piece! Hands down!

All Orgone Prana Chi Generators produce Life Force Energy.  
Some models are designed with advanced features which allow the user to control the output of Orgone Prana Chi Life Force Energy

Karl Welz, the original inventor of Orgonite, designed all of his devices to produce a significant amount of Life Force Energy using a special formula he called Super Orgonite. You can naturally saturate the water you drink with Orgone Prana Chi Life Force Energy to give you more vitality. You can also energize yourself, other people, plants, animals, fruit, vegetables, vitamins, supplements and so much more.

All Orgone Prana Chi Generators and Radionics Machines are handmade by Karl Welz. We are experts in the field with more than 15 years of Industry experience. Free basic Technical Support for life for as long you own your equipment.