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Radionics Mind Machines By Orgonite Inventor Karl Welz

Take your manifestations to another level. Manifest in Days! Not Weeks! Unleash the power of your mind and your thoughts to influence your desires by incorporating our Radionic Machines into your daily life and take control of your destiny. Broadcast & amplify your intentions to the Universe for successful manifestation using our powerful machines.

All of our Radionic Machines feature Integrated Orgone Chi Generators to transfer, send, broadcast energy and trends to yourself or others at a distance

Radionics Machines with integrated Orgone Prana Chi Generators, are devices that help you empower yourself to do very powerful Law Of Attraction Manifestation Operations using your mind to amplify your thoughts and desires to make them happen.

These are "Mind Machines" or "Wishing Machines". If you understand and know that the Universe was created from thought, then everything in this existence (both in this material and non-material world) is made up of energy and thought forms.

Radionics Machines allow you amplify and to direct your thoughts to the Universe to create a specific outcome. They also allow you to manipulate the vibrational energies around you, of others and or places in order to produce a change in the environment to make things happen. It's like hacking "The Matrix". This is "Law Of Attraction" On Steroids!

The more powerful the Radionics Machine, the faster and better results you will obtain in all your manifestation endeavors. Some advanced machines like the Performer 2400, Rad 5 and ATG 12 allow you to do powerful mind operations at a distance using advanced psionics techniques to re-program the subconscious mind. They can also be used to stop these types of attacks from others.

These Radionics Machines with integrated Orgone Prana Chi Generator are handmade by Orgonite Inventor Karl Welz.