Our Vision Board-Like program, the Radionic Manifestation Program comes with pre-made templates for you to use right away for all your Law Of Attraction and manifestation needs.

Enhance your Meditations & Visualizations. Develop your psychic abilities with the support of our powerful Orgone Generators. Our Manifestation Programs help you achieve goals.

Powerful Radionics Manifestation Software designed from advanced metaphysics, numerology and astrology techniques to produce results. These Manifestation Software Programs are to be used with Orgone Prana Chi Generators or Radionics Device, which provide with the necessary Life Force Energy to do powerful Law Of Attraction - Manifestation Operations.

The Manifestation Programs are linked to your Orgone Generator or Radionics Device via a "Chi Transfer Card" provided to you with the purchase of the software. Orgone Generators provide with the "fuel" Orgone Life Force Energy necessary to manifest your desires. Think of a "Vision Board" but on steroids. You can obtain results in as little as in three (3) days.