We carry a wide variety of accessories for use with our powerful Orgone Generators and Radionics Machines.

These accessories are made of the new powerful material called “Super Orgonite” created by Karl Welz. These accessories (depending on the model), will increase the power output of Orgone Prana Chi Life Force Energy of your device.

You can also easily transfer Orgone Life Force Energy at a distance through space and time using these transfer and power booster discs. They are linked together using Quantum Physics technology via “Quantum Entanglement”.

You place one piece of the pair on your Orgone Prana Chi Generator or Radionics Machine and the other pair you take with you. The energy will transfer at a distance to the pair you are carrying in real time! No matter where you are in the world, as long as you have your device on at home or your office and the pair on it, you will receive the energy at a distance through space and time.

Proprietary technology developed by Karl Welz.

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