Do you ship Worldwide?

We ship Worldwide. The cost of international shipping for all Karl Welz products is $50 USD. The cost of shipping within the USA is $5.99 USD. Please note that this is the shipping cost for Karl Welz products. Karl Welz products include all Orgone Chi Generators, Radionics Machines and their respective accessories, such as transfer discs and Super Orgonite Power Boosters. Any other product that is NOT from Karl Welz, has its independent shipping cost which you can see when you add it to the shopping cart and simulate a purchase to your country or state within the USA.

The delivery time for all Karl Welz products is 7 to 15 business days within and outside the USA. Business days constitute office working days which are Monday through Friday and do not include weekends nor United States holidays. Delivery time for other products offered on this website, may vary from 5 to 20 days depending on the product and material available. However, all orders come with an online tracking number which will be provided to you via email once your order has been sent.

If you have questions about your order or our products, please contact us via WhatsApp during our customer service hours. Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 6 PM Mountain Standard Time. Contact us at: +1 424 274-0520. This number is for Customer Service through WhatsApp only. No direct calls will be answered if you dial direct. We take however WhatsApp Calls. You can initiate a message with us by clicking here:

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