What are Orgone Prana Chi Generators & Radionics Machines Used For?

Orgone Generators can be used for many applications. Here we will list some examples of the uses of these Generators in different areas. Later on we will explain briefly how they work and how what is mentioned here is possible.

Examples of what Orgone Generators can be used for

In all areas of personal development:

  • Improve Meditations
  • Stress relief
  • Against insomnia
  • Feeling at peace and tranquility
  • Yoga Practice
  • Manifestation of Wishes/Desires (Law of attraction)
  • Changing and fighting bad habits
  • Personal development
  • Changing negative emotions into positive ones
  • Be more optimistic and enthusiastic in life
  • Increase self-esteem
  • Attract new friends and/or new partners
  • Solidify an existing love
  • Keeping undesirable people out of your life
  • Protection against witchcraft and evil eye or negative entities
  • Travel Protection
  • And much more

In Business

  • Attracting customers
  • Improve the quality and taste of food and drinks in restaurants and bars
  • Better results in advertising
  • Find problematic areas in a business or in an organization
  • For creative ideas
  • Expansion of any business
  • Close favorable contracts
  • Attracting good employees
  • And many other things

In Money & Finance

  • Attract money into your life
  • Getting paid by those who owe you money
  • Make more money
  • Find and attract promotions and sales in stores
  • Get ideas to generate more money
  • And much more

The Power Of Radionics

Take your manifestations to another level. Manifest in days! Not weeks! Unleash the power of your mind and thoughts to influence your desires by incorporating our radionic machines into your daily life and take control of your destiny. Transmit and amplify your intentions to the Universe for successful manifestation using our powerful mind machines, along with our filters or printed radionic power cards, or using our Radionic Manifestation software, which allows you to perform operations from anywhere in the world from a laptop.

All of our Radionics Machines have integrated Prana Chi Orgone Generators to transfer, send, transmit energy and trends to you or others at a distance.

Our Radionics Machines with integrated Prana Chi Orgone Generators are devices that help you empower yourself to perform powerful Law of Attraction manifestation operations. You connect with people and trends at a distance using your mind and the equipment amplifies your thoughts and desires so they manifest in the actual world.

These are “Mental Machines” or “Wish Machines”. If you understand and know that the Universe was created from thought, then everything in this existence (both in this material and non-material world) is made of energy and thought forms. Everything that exists on the physical plane must first exist on the astral plane.

These devices allow you to alter the vibrational frequency of the astral plane (to a higher one) and thus move energies so that things manifest faster on the physical plane, using power archetypes (such as our filters or radionics cards).

Radionics machines allow you to amplify and direct your thoughts into the Universe to create a specific outcome. They also allow you to manipulate the vibratory energies around you, others and/or places to produce a change in the environment to make things happen. It’s like hacking into “The Matrix”. This is the “Law of Attraction” on steroids!

The more powerful the Radionics Machine is, the faster and better results you will get in all your manifestation work. Some advanced machines like the Performer 2400, Rad 5 and ATG 12, allow you to perform powerful remote mental operations using advanced psionics and radionics techniques to reprogram the subconscious mind. They can also stop these types of attacks from others, perform powerful remote therapies such as Reiki, Feng Shui, Bach Flowers and many more.

These radionic machines with integrated Orgon Prana Chi Generator are handmade by German Orgonite inventor Karl Welz in Atlanta, Georgia USA.

Below is a slightly more complete list of what you can do with Orgone Generators in combination with the Radionic Manifestation Program or with Radionic Filter Cards and a Radionic Machine. The limit is your imagination!

  • Gaining Favors from People
  • Attract new friendships
  • Project Charisma
  • Improve teamwork
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Finding a good job
  • Help to finish a project
  • Balance and harmony
  • Removing Stress
  • Get more vital energy
  • Remove Fatigue
  • Secured success
  • Optimism
  • Problem Solving
  • Attracting Money
  • Attract a new partner
  • Erotic thoughts
  • Success in the arts
  • Eliminating worries
  • Calming emotions
  • Protection (All types, witchcraft, travel, accidents, theft, etc.)
  • Reversing witchcraft
  • For Concentration
  • For Creativity
  • For Persuasion
  • Leave undesirable situations
  • Help in meditation
  • Ability to project
  • Mental health support
  • Improve domestic relations
  • For Physical Energy
  • For Spiritual Strength
  • To Escape from danger
  • For controlling anger and emotions
  • To avoid undesirable persons
  • For change of luck
  • For good fortune
  • For a safe journey
  • To divorce or leave a partner
  • To increase your intelligence
  • Winning lawsuits
  • Helping a child

In Sports & More

  • For Strength and Energy
  • For Routine and Discipline
  • To Energize exercises
  • To be more careful in sports
  • To Increase coordination
  • To improve sports skills
  • For concentration and focus
  • For aggression in sports
  • To counteract food ads
  • For nutritional discipline
  • For Burning fat fast
  • For muscle strength
  • For rejuvenation
  • For a fast recovery
  • For an enjoyable rest, sleep
  • To eliminate stress and fatigue
  • For calming emotions
  • To calm aggression

In Relationships

  • For Romanticism
  • To Be Irresistible To Others
  • For Magnetic Attraction
  • For Projecting Strength
  • For Projecting Power
  • For Projecting Security
  • To induce Carnal Desires & Lust in others towards you
  • For Erotic power of woman
  • For a Man’s erotic power
  • To Increase sexual desires, sensations and orgasm
  • For Erotic thoughts
  • To attract a Friendship
  • To Attract a partner
  • To Attract a New love
  • To Solidify an existing love
  • For Adulteries
  • For Marital Love
  • For Breaking up a relationship
  • For writing and poetry
  • To increase musical talent
  • For Power of visual art
  • For Understanding of scientific concepts more easily
  • For studying high science
  • For mathematics
  • For more creativity, for the technological sciences
  • For the improvement of Inventions
  • For Passing exams
  • For More Wisdom and Knowledge
  • For Increasing intelligence
  • For Understanding new concepts quickly
  • For Fun in learning
  • To Learn a new subject quickly
  • For Success in learning languages
  • For Mental energy
  • For Consistency
  • For Increasing your intuition
  • To Increase Inspiration
  • To Increase creativity

For Business and Money

  • For Power of persuasion
  • For Good Teamwork
  • For Successful trips
  • For Successfully completing projects
  • For Discovering secrets of other businesses or companies
  • For Detecting false and true friends
  • To Find problem areas
  • For Inspiring teamwork
  • For Success in the arts
  • For Business success
  • For Attracting money
  • For Success in marketing campaigns
  • For Selling a product fast
  • To Attract desired customers quickly
  • For Safe success
  • For Success with minimal effort

In Legal Affairs

  • For Attracting witnesses
  • To Eliminate witnesses
  • For Attracting an excellent lawyer
  • For Attracting a bad lawyer to others
  • For Gaining the Judge’s Affection
  • For a Person to look good
  • For a Person to look bad
  • For Influencing others (mind control)
  • To Find important evidence
  • For Discovering secrets
  • For Avoiding a lawsuit
  • For Avoiding Making Mistakes
  • For a Judge’s Hostility
  • For Attorney/Client Hostility

Extras and Alternatives

  • Sending energy to plants and animals
  • To energize the water used in farming. When crops watered with water energized with Prana Chi Orgone, the crops grow faster, stronger and healthier.
  • For energizing drinking water (Provides vital energy to the body when ingested, changes molecular structures)
  • For Charging food with vital energy, Prana Chi Orgone. It gives food a better taste as it changes the molecular structure. An Orgone Prana Chi Generator eliminates the negative stagnant energy in poultry. Meat retains energies of fear & pain from the suffering of the animals being killed for food. Therefore, the meat we consume lowers the vibrational level of the body, affecting our health and mind. Those who must eat meat, it is highly advisable to energize this meat with an Orgone Chi generator to eliminate the structures and negative energy imprints it may have, making it much better energetically consumable for our body.
  • Energize food supplements, tea, coffee, cereal, and anything else you can eat
  • Energize Beer, Vodka, Tequila, Whiskey etc. Eventually any alcoholic beverage taste different after being energized with an orgone generator. In businesses such as clubs, bars and restaurants, the benefit of a Chi generator is immense. Imagine the taste of your food, better and different. Customers will come back over and over for more! In bars and nightclubs, the alcohol loaded with Chi will taste much better and different to the consumers, rumor will spread by word of mouth and more people will attend these places because the taste of alcohol is “Different and Better”.
  • Charge with Prana Chi energy other drinks like natural or flavored waters. You will notice the difference in taste! Plus, it energizes your body!
  • With the CEG 2000 portable Orgone Chi Generator, you can energize entire water tanks or other massive liquid flow systems, etc.
  • Energize ice cream, snow, popsicles. You can point an Orgone Chi Generator at a box of ice cream, popsicles etc, giving it a unique taste, much better, and energizing the product with life force energy!
  • Take a picture of some place and send energy there at a distance…… (quantum physics)
  • Take a picture of some place on Google Earth, a location somewhere on the planet, and send energy to that location from a distance! Print the picture, place it in front of the Orgone generator, write an intention on a piece of paper and that’s it! Or use our Radionic Manifestation Program (the software), to do this and more!
  • Eliminate pests in crop fields or farms. Take a picture of the field that has the pest problem, either with a digital camera or using Google Earth via satellite. Place the photo next to the Orgone Chi Generator, write on a piece of paper “Eliminate Pest”, spray some Insecticide on another piece of paper, put the photo, the piece of paper with the intention, and the piece of paper with the insecticide all 3 together on the Orgone Chi Generator and that’s it. Let it work for 3 hours a day. In 4 days, your pest problem will be gone!
  • Eliminate pests in your home, cockroaches, ants, insects, etc. Use paper and pencil or pen to make a drawing or map that represents your house, apartment etc. Concentrate on your place while drawing. As in the example of pests in the field, write on another paper “Eliminate Pest”, spray some Insecticide Spray on another paper, put the drawing, the intention and the insecticide paper next to the Orgone Chi Generator, let it work 3 hours a day for 3 or 4 days. Problem solved!

We can continue to give you more examples, but we think you already have an excellent idea of what you can do with an Orgone Chi Generator. 

The limit is your imagination! With the Radionic Manifestation Program we can create templates for an intention or desire and create operations like the ones mentioned in the list above shown. The Orgone or Chi Generator provides you with enough energy to make these operations a success. Using an Orgone Chi Generator with the Manifestation Software is the perfect combination for making powerful operations for any desire you may have!

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