What is the difference between an Orgone Prana Chi Generator and a Radionics Machine?

Orgone Generators are mainly used for energizing spaces, people, plants, animals, beverages, food and for meditation, yoga, mindfulness, fitness and any sport. Orgone Generators provide life energy, also known as Prana, Chi, Orgon, Tachyon, “God particle”, etc. It is the vital energy which all living beings on this planet need to live.

The energy of the Orgone Generators also amplifies thoughts, decrees, desires and intentions. Also, this energy can be sent at a distance via quantum physics through quantum entanglement via structural links (as with the pair of transfer discs TC99). If you are a person who knows how to use the computer in a normal and common way, we recommend you to get an Orgone Generator along with any of our manifestation programs (software for Windows and Mac) to do powerful law of attraction operations (manifest desires in just 3 to 4 days), to do holistic therapies at a distance and much more. You can do all this through the software and from anywhere in the world using a laptop.

The manifestation program is linked via quantum physics to your Orgone Chi Generator. You just keep the Chi Generator connected 24 hours a day for continuous use. The Chi Generator is linked to the software programs via a transfer card that is provided to you with the purchase of the program. You print one copy only of this transfer card and place it near the output pipe of your generator. The other digital copy is loaded into the software. The Orgone Chi energy is transferred in real time from the Orgon Generator to the software. The Orgon Generator becomes the power source for all operations you perform on the software directly. The Prana Chi Orgon Generator’s energy amplifies the operations you perform in the software, so your desires manifest in a short time (within days).

We recommend at least using a JU1000 Orgone Generator Chi Generator (shown above) for use with any of our Manifestation Programs to obtain results. The more powerful the equipment, the faster the results.
Radionic Manifestation Program Shown Above (Advanced Vision Board). Templates are included to get you started right away. All you do is load your picture and write your name in the target position and in the other positions shown. The template shown above is called “General Success” and it is used for obtaining success in general in all areas of life. The software has an option to load one Chi Transfer card, or up to nine. If you have more than one Chi Generator, then you can pull and combine the energy of up to nine generators into the software, making it even more powerful. You can also load one Chi Transfer card nine times (if you only have one Chi Generator) and boost the energy by twofold. The Radionic Manifestation Program also comes with more than 1,000 Radionics Cards for you to create your own personal operations. These symbols include Archetypes, Magickal Symbols, Talismans, Magickal Astrology Cards, Rune Cards and so much more. You can create your own operations tailored to your specific needs and/or you can use our more than 40 templates included (For love, money, business, abundance, etc.) to follow along and make your own.

Radionics Machines with integrated Orgone Chi Generators

Our Radionic Machines are mainly used for performing manual operations on the machine itself, whether it be metaphysical operations, law of attraction operations (manifestation of desires), Radionics/Homeopathic therapies, Reiki, Bach Flowers, Feng Shui, Acupuncture or any other therapy for local or long distance persons/clients. The stick plate is used as a pendulum along with the dials to perform “muscle testing“ at a distance and determine the precise amounts of energy, Radionics Rates and Orgone Prana Chi Energy a person needs for these types of therapies. All of Karl Welz Radionics Machines have an integrated Orgone Prana Chi Generator. 

Some Radionics Machines have more than one generator and some are more powerful than others (they output more Orgone Prana Chi Energy), depending on the model. Karl Welz is the original inventor of Orgonite and of the Orgone Generator. All of Karl’s Radionics Machines have at least one integrated Orgone Prana Chi Generator. All the operations you perform with our machines will be of high power and will give you favorable results in a few days. The Radionics Machines are used to establish mental connections at a distance with people or situations through your mind, visualizations and nervous system to send energy with specific trends or intentions to produce a change at the astral level which ends up manifesting itself in the 3D physical universe. We can achieve the same results with the Radionic Manifestation Program software and a Chi Generator or with a Radionics Machine. The higher models of our Radionics Machines such as the Rad 2400 HD, Performer 2400 HD, Rad 5 and ATG 12, produce more Orgone Prana Chi Energy than our normal Chi Generator models. You can use any of our Radionics Machines with the software as well. You can use them as the power source only if you so desire and then do all the operations directly on the software.

Some people prefer to use our Radionics Machines manually (with no software) to perform metaphysical, psionics, and radionics operations, and therapies at a distance using different methods such as Reiki, Feng Shui, Bach Flowers. Radionics Machines are “mental wishing machines” which amplify your thoughts, emotions and desires. You don’t need to be a master in metaphysics to do powerful operations. Anybody can use the machines to manifest or practice law of attraction operations. All you need is a trend/desired outcome, a target (yourself or someone else) and a Radionics Machine. You tune in these trends and targets on the machine and you let them manifest.

Below is an infographic about the difference between an Orgone Generator and a Radionics Machine

You can also use any of our Radionics Machines with the Radionic Manifestation Program. The most powerful machines can only be found in the form of Radionics Machines. As an example, the most powerful Orgone Prana Chi Generator we have is the LPOG 2400 HD.

The most powerful Radionics Machine we have is the ATG 12 with 12 integrated high power Orgone Prana Chi Generators. This is the most powerful Radionics Machine on the planet. It produces enough energy to energize an entire football stadium with over 100,000 people.

The 3 most powerful Radionics Machines on the market are:

  • The Performer 2400 HD ($2,369 USD) with 4 Integrated High Power Orgone Prana Chi Generators
  • The Rad 5 ($3,399 USD) with 5 High Power Orgone Prana Chi Generators
  • The ATG 12 mentioned above with 12 Integrated High Power Orgone Prana Chi Generators, which costs $11,999 USD.

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